I have worked with a large number of dental professionals in my career as a dental public relations consultant and rarely have I encountered a dentist with more verve, energy and passion for her vocation as Rhona Eskander.

Rhona communicates the benefits of aesthetic dentistry in particular – from clear aligner therapy to tooth whitening – with eloquence and flair for getting to the nub of subject – carrying her patients along with her rather than baffling them with science.

Rhona is treating a number of journalists and celebrities with Invisalign and thanks to her passion for the system we have been able to derive a good deal of positive press coverage for the company.    Such is her infectious enthusiasm for the system she has achieved Platinum Invisalign status within a year and the company has invited her to lecture about her marketing techniques to encourage others to learn from her and to emulate her.

In the short space of time I have known her, Rhona has become a lecturer for Invisalign and an ambassador for Phillips Oral Healthcare – for whom she about to appear on a panel discussion about tooth whitening for Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW)

The fast moving world of PR a fast response is needed to maximise the opportunities for press coverage.  If I ask Rhona for a quote or for more information in response to a press enquiry, she has it back to me in a flash and her answers are invariably of a high quality which the journalists quote verbatim.

I have absolutely no doubt at all that Rhona Eskander is a name and a face to watch and will be a mover and a shaker in the future of dentistry.   It is a pleasure to watch her fast trajectory and to hold on to her coat tail as she soars.