Being a workaholic (working 6 days a week) every now and then I give myself a breather and some time to reflect upon the career that I feel so passionately about.

Lying in my bed on my day off I am immersed in glossy magazines; thankfully my mother’s monthly prescriptions allow me to be fully informed of the latest fashion frenzies. I often reflect on the idea that Millennials—the generation that came of age with selfies and Facebook and the Kardashians—are the most self-absorbed generation of all. However as more selfies immerge on Instagram and group photos on Facebook are becoming redundant next to their selfie competitors, one thing has become more and more apparent to me. The power of a smile.  Regardless of what we can do or so we are constantly being confronted with images of ourselves. Indeed trying to escape the camera is a mere impossibility.

I had a patient who suffered from a severe case of bulimia for several years. Her teeth had eroded terribly and importantly her self-confidence followed too. After years of therapy she had recovered but the state of her mouth left her unwilling and unable to leave the house. It took her a lot of time and courage to come and see me, she had a perception that all dentistry involved pain and discomfort.

I formulated a treatment plan just to suit her needs. It was a long journey but so worthwhile. Her confidence had soared and I constantly get ‘selfies’ from her. She soon embarked on a new career path and has managed to make some great changes.

Now I am not saying that a good smile is a quick fix to one’s life problems, however a smile can be enticing, accepting, and enigmatic.

Its moments of reflection like this that make me realise how much I love my job and how I want to be doing this kind of dentistry all day long. Making a real difference and changing people’s lives. Dale Carnegie stressed the impact of a smile and said “Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, ‘I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you.”

Dentistry has changed abundantly in the last 10 years and creating a beautiful smile is not about drilling down teeth. Certainly all the dentistry that I do is bespoke and I tailor all my patient’s needs, this can include drill free dentistry. It is worth just coming in and having a chat just to see your options; there’s no escaping a smile these days….

Dr Rhona Eskander provides beautiful bespoke dentistry to those in search of the perfect smile.

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