Having done a lot of successful whitening on my patients let’s talk about it.  Whitening is safe and reliable and the results can be achieved if done properly. I use various systems and offer all of them to my patients. In my opinion the premium one is Enlighten.

The system has a great scientific gravitas behind it. In fact there are dentists behind the product who have formulated several ways to overcome the difficulty of several whitening systems.

Number one you are provided with a special tooth serum before embarking on your whitening journey. The toothpaste namely helps to prevent sensitivity.

Number 2 the whitening trays which are made are constructed in such a way that they want to ensure the whitening gel will penetrate the teeth in the most effective way. Indeed you can also get special features on the tray to make them more bespoke to your mouth.

Number 3 the system provides you with a special seal which can be painted unto the teeth to seal those particularly sensitive areas. So when you get the trays back you wear them all night (or for a few hours in the day, depending on your case) for about 2 weeks.

After this time period you then have a session with the dentist in the chair to enhance your results. Indeed the enlighten gurus have also formulated an after whitening toothpaste to sustain the results.  Oh and they do guarantee a Shade B1 on the shade guide (lightest and brightest white). Indeed if anyone fancies the Ross Geller smile we can keep topping up!

Whitening does last a long time however you do need to top up intermittently. As we all know the sad truth of life, is that nothing lasts forever. If you have any questions at all regarding the above topics please feel to contact me for free.

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