Cosmetic artistry would be nowhere without the help of my magic wand- also know as the diode laser. Great advancements have been made across the board for lasers. So what is so great about lasers? Well…

1. It is a fast, low-pain alternative to standard dental treatment
2. Has fast healing rates
3. Laser treatment also reduces the likelihood of further intervention which could prove costly for the patient.
4. There is minimal or no bleeding, as when the tissues are cut they are immediately cauterised.
5. Little or no local anaesthesia needed
6. It also minimises the need for stitchesLasers can be used for many treatment modalities; in conjunction with treatment for gum disease, root canal treatment and de-pigmentation of the gums.

However my personal favorite is for correcting gummy smiles:

Many people may find that they have too much gum on show when they smile, or that their gum lines are not harmony. Lasers can correct this by reshaping or lifting the gum. Indeed the end result is a symmetrical gum line and a beautiful even smile.

I also use it to remove the fraenum, this is the band of tissue that can cause a gap between teeth. Prominent fraenum’s can also cause recession of the gum at the neck of a tooth. Again this tissue can be easily and painlessly removed.
I was lucky enough to do my laser training at BILD Teaching Academy – run by dentists for dentists to offer hands-on laser training courses. The courses are internationally taught by renowned specialist dentists.

As mentioned before teeth and gums like to be in harmony. Straight teeth and uneven gums cause great discord, however even and balanced gums create optimum aesthetics.

In your initial consultation, these are things which can be discussed and ascertained.

In summary:

The beauty of a smile may be diminished by a ‘gummy smile’
Gums should appear even and smooth and enhance ones smile
A diode laser provides the perfect alternative to using a scalpel. It is virtually pain free and simple
The lasers cauterise whilst they cut which means that there is minimal bleeding and healing

After Care:

We often advise patients to consume soft foods and avoid foods that are spicy or have seeds for a few days after surgery. Soft tooth brushes are recommended when brushing.
Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are recommended for pain relief

Only one tooth can be treated to match its neighbouring teeth or the entire arch can be treated. It is definitely worth contacting me for an initial consultation to see what can be done. Indeed I have completed training at both The Perfect Smile Academy in Herts and the Quicklase certifciation course, based on Wimpole street.