Let’s talk about plastic, after all we do live in a plastic world. Invisalign is one of my most favourite treatment plans. To sum it up, it’s a bunch of gum shield type trays which are effectively braces that move and straighten your teeth.

I mean sure the good old train tracks work and in some cases are better, however let’s be honest having gunk in your teeth and revealing a smile full of metal is not the dream. Invisalign gives you flexibility; if you need to take it off to impress that hunk on a date then you can. Indeed the digital age has written a new guide book for modern romance- you can still smile as you did once before, as the aligners can be removed.

Ok but let’s be clear, although the name may suggest that they are invisible,  they are not COMPLETELY invisible- nothing in this world is; not even air on a cold day. So yes they’re not metal, but you do have to wear them 22 hours per day and if you do not wear them the teeth ain’t going to move. They are amazing but they do not perform miracles by just sitting in the box.

But honestly the system is amazing it can really transform those seemingly reverse Isosceles triangle type teeth into beautiful alignment.  Indeed with my cosmetic training I provide ‘package deals’. Straight teeth does not mean instantly beautiful teeth; indeed you may need some additional cosmetic tweakery, which is often provided as part of your package.

With awareness and ubiquity comes a new attitude, there is much less social stigma attached to braces and age should never be an obstacle. I have a patient who has embarked on her invisalign journey at 65 years of age. She initially told me that she was ‘too old’ to have her teeth done. Of course I came along with my beacon of knowledge and informed her of invisalign’s practicality.

What is definitely changing in terms of the ‘Hollywood smile’ is the shape and style. The new generation of dentists are moving away from invasive procedures such as veneers and leaning more towards straightening the teeth and allowing the patient to see their progression from the offset so that if they were still to go for procedures such as veneers then they still have the option to do so.

The only snag are some “bumps”, known as attachments, that are placed on the teeth and these are sometimes visible (if you are looking closely for them). The “attachments” are placed on the teeth in a strategic position and with a specific design to move that tooth in the direction that was treatment planned by the doctor. These “attachments” are placed using a tooth colored composite resin, similar to what is used to place traditional braces on the teeth.  These are removed at the end of the aligner therapy very easily with a polishing tool and no damage is done to the teeth.

Plastic, removable, clear, and easy … it is this heady mix which has helped Invisalign become the most successful clear aligner system to date.

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Image: Invisalign.com