Ok so today is not a pretty topic, in fact, I am going to use some images that show ‘promotional’ tooth whitening adverts advocated by non-dental professionals;

Any dental professional who sees the photo to the left will tell you that this patient needs a good clean and optimised hygiene to improve the health of the teeth and gums before any whitening is considered.

Unfortunately, the real-life horror is that the patient was given tooth whitening only on top of all that gunk.

This photo also shows you how this patient’s gums were bleached at the same time as her teeth being ‘whitened’. Again this was done by  a beautician.
The legalities behind tooth whitening have been very grey and certainly there have been blurred lines surrounding the issue. However in 2012 things were made clearer:

1. Percentage of hydrogen peroxide used was given a limit.

2. Legally only dentists can undertake tooth whitening in addition to dentists being able to carry out tooth whitening, dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians, on the prescription of a dentist, can carry out tooth whitening as an additional skill.

At the end of the day guys we are dealing with real chemical products. Yes, chemicals! In the right hands they can be most effective but in the wrong hands completely hazardous, causing great pain and discomfort. But as well as causing chemical burns to the mouth, high levels of the bleach can aggravate gum disease and cause sensitive teeth.

Now whitening does not perform miracles, remember my last blog- diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis!
Beware of such promises via just tooth whitening, you may need more than just a little whitening:)